I run a unique evidence based Physical Therapy Clinic. I keep up-to-date with research and apply this new learning to help others recover from injury and pain. 

Why Me?

What sets me apart is I am interested in helping people. I played rugby for twenty two years. I work with a number of rugby clubs. I have experienced injury and learned how to return to play. I started to study Physiotherapy in 2008 following a significant injury whilst playing rugby. I required surgery and was walking with the aid of a crutch for some time. This first hand experience taught me about pain in a very real way. The journey to return to full fitness and what I learned along the way helps me feel empathy and compassion with other peoples suffering.

My Clinic in Booterstown

Patient-centered approach focusing on the manual treatment of the soft tissue,

muscles, tendons, ligaments & fascia.

Pitch side Physio

I am amazed at the level of injury I see in every game of rugby I work at. 

Me with my son

I have been blessed with two healthy son's.

Hands on Technique

I have developed skills that work to relieve tension and pain from tight muscles and joints.

Me & My Wife 

Always a huge support to me and the mother to my two beautiful baby boys

McCorry Cup Final 2018

I enjoyed working with the Terenure 20's rugby team this season,we did extremely well but were beaten by 6 points in the final against UCD.

McCorry Cup Winners 2019

I work with all sports people, office workers, older clients and children. The high rate of injury in rugby has given me experience of a multitude of injuries. I also enjoy competing at Triathlons, swimming, cycling, weightlifting and Chi Kung.